Dragon Trail: Hunter World for PC, Windows 11/10 Download for Free

Dragon Trail: Hunter World for PC: A forthcoming role-playing game called Dragon Trail: Hunter combines action-packed pursuits with combat to be engaged in. Many gamers are very driven to play the game because it seems like so much fun while still being thrilling. So let’s read this article to discover more about it.

Features of the Dragon Trail

About Dragon Trail: Hunter World for PC

TTHmobi created the role-playing game Dragon Trail: Hunter World. Go on adventures with dragons and your adorable pets by downloading Dragon Trail: Hunter World to your computer. Defend the island against the destructive terrible dragons. Ready to start playing? Get Dragon Trail: Hunter World for PC right away. Communication

In this game, a young boy from the uncharted territories is in for adventure. He discovers a dragon egg while exploring the forest, and the egg hatches right in front of him. Soon, he and the dragon become close friends. Now, his father had bequeathed to him the task of discovering a prophecy from the Book of Loyat. A Dragoncide squad swiftly forms as more dragons start to show up on Star Island and build ties with human friends.

Now that the benevolent dragons have arrived, the wicked ones are here to corrupt them and wage war on the territories. Gather your troops and dragon team, and engage the evil dragons in combat. Go along with your pets as well, as they can develop on their own and aid in combat. To increase your strength and ability, engage in training. Good fortune.

The Functionality of Dragon Trail: Hunter World for PC

To collect AFK rewards, use drill mode.

We included it as one of the top Dragon Trail: Hunter World tips for players to try since it is one of the game modes that is available for them to play. Among all the other game modes, the drill is crucial.

The players must enter this mode and simply watch while their characters toil away for the benefit of their masters; this is the drill mode’s most significant feature. Haha! Are you able to grasp what we mean? Players who engage in this mode will only receive AFK (idle) awards without taking part in gameplay.

Obtain Top-Tier Equipment in Hunt Boss Mode.

One of the greatest Dragon Trail: Hunter World tips we can offer is to use the hunt boss mode, which can be found in the gameplay area. By doing so, you can quickly and easily acquire top-tier gear sets. Be careful which place you choose while you are in the Hunter Boss mode because your decision must take into account your current game level. There are several options available to you when you are in this mode.

Hunter World for PC

Features of the Dragon Trail: Hunter World for PC

  • Bring your team together and slay terrible dragons!
    Discover Star Island’s magical scenery while collecting a wide variety of pets and dragons. To combat bad dragons who pose a threat to the land, gather your Dragoncide Squad.
  • Pets are everywhere on Star Island
    Amazing and rare animals like the Icy Bear, Fire Wyvern, and Bluish Parrot can be found on Star Island. Each of these critters has an own personality, whether they are cute and cuddly or incredibly mischievous.
  • Evolve to get better
    Create ties with your pets so you can help them evolve when the time comes. Watch them develop as you join forces with them to transcend the boundaries of fight. Which of your animals is the most powerful?
  • Train under a teacher
    There is a Mentor-Disciple system in Dragon Trail. With the help of your loving master, practise every day to gain strength by fulfilling assignments. Gain benefits by completing missions. To make money and discover surprises, go hunting with your master, apprentice, friends, and partners. Travel & Local
  • Pick your preferred subject.
    Every hero is skilled at something. You can choose what you are best at using Dragon Trail. Select a powerful warrior, and avoid taking damage while fighting. Choose the attractive priests who want to safeguard your fellow explorers. Take on a ranger’s attack style to do long-range harm or go undercover to deal with the enigmatic assassins. Different classes entail various approaches and more pleasure.
  • And literally so much more!

FAQs of Dragon Trail: Hunter World for PC

Can I get a free copy of Dragon Trail: Hunter World?
Yes! From the official websites, you may get Dragon Trail: Hunter World without charge.

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Does the software work on a PC?
It’s simple! You can run this software on a PC by using any well-known emulator, such as BlueStacks.

Do Windows and MAC operating systems support Dragon Trail: Hunter World?
In a word, yes!

User Reviews of Dragon Trail: Hunter World for PC


You can off the auto function in Dragon Trail: Hunter World for PC, even though the game didn’t ask me to and I don’t typically do it. Additionally, if you want landscape orientation, you can turn that on. I’ve had a great time playing so far. The tale is adorable, and the pictures are fantastic. I think it’s unfair that auto play and orientation have received so many bad reviews.


Sincerity be told, it’s not all that horrible; yeah, there is a Pay to Win option, but it’s not as prevalent as in other games. To gain experience, you can simply do daily tasks like Exp Rush, or even slay bosses to receive pet or wing prizes. The drops aren’t too awful though, and you can obtain titles that increase the likelihood of dropping. It is an auto/idle game, however you can easily disable auto play for the main quest and play it manually instead.


Both playing the game and grinding are enjoyable. The user interface is nice, however it may use some improvements or tweaks to feel less busy for beginning users. Moreover, a bar to display DPS in PVE settings or outside instances. Biggest issue is the lack of a settings menu. to evaluate advice, guidance, and instructions in the manner of a hunting manual. And the option to disable the really annoying spammed “love roses” or other user-customizable elements.

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Conclusion Dragon Trail: Hunter World for PC

New island tribal adventure game, Dragon Trail! You will set out on your journey to discover the secret of Loya Book as a young person chosen by the dragon with your father’s support. You have immersed in a distinct tribal environment thanks to the various outfits, adorable pets and horses, teamwork, island competition, etc. Making it a really amazing and worth playing game.


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