Facetime for Android, Apk of Facetime, Download for Free

Facetime for Android:- You all might have surely heard about the great Video telephony app that is also known as Facetime, well it surely is great and one of a kind, and today we will learn how to install and play it for your android device, so stay tuned for that.

Facetime for Android

What is facetime?, All about it :-

Facetime is a free to use Video telephony app that allows users to make video as well as audio calls to their contact list over the internet via using the front camera of their device, But the problem arises in the fact that it is limited to Apple Devices and people outside who use other devices such as Android phones are having a pretty hard time in using this app and thus we have come with a great deal that you can now download the amazing Facetime for Android and that too for Free of cost without any hassle at all.

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There are multiple Apps for Facetime on Android but the fact is that these apps are not as good as Facetime and do not function like facetime and if someone wants an app that works just like facetime, Then it is Facetime itself and that is why we are not here with alternatives such as Zoom, Skype or other Apps but rather the only great app known as Facetime for your android device.

Features of the amazing and well done Facetime for Android:-

Facetime for Android
  • A free to use Video calling app forever :- The Facetime for Android is a free to use application where you can video call your friends, colleagues and family and enjoy top notch Video calls forever without having to pay for anything except your internet plan.
  • Make calls on the basis of your internet connection :- Easily make calls with anyone on your contact list on the basis of internet, The app prefers wifi, But it even works on 3G connection and smoothly on 4G and users can make calls varying from 360P to 1080P in quality without any issue.
  • Make calls in Full HD resolution :- At good internet connection with a stable bandwidth, users can make video calls at 1080 P full HD resolution without any hassle, if the camera supports 1080 resolution.
  • Video call groups of people :- Easily make video calls with up to 32 people at once with the help of the new update of the Facetime for Android and make meetings or Conferences on this app without any hassle.
  • Use the Animoji AI feature :- The animoji is an animated portrait of yourself and you can use this mid Video calls to make your face just like your animated self and the other person will see your portrait talking and not your real face.
  • Save data using this app:- The app takes very less internet data which is around just 3 MB per minute and it is very convenient and a great data saving app that allows users to make fine video calls.
  • Enjoy safe and secured Video calling :- You can easily enjoy your video calls without having to worry about any data breach or security issues as the calls are encrypted from both ends and are safe.
  • consumes less bandwidth in comparison to fellow other apps :- when it comes to Skype or Whatsapp video calls, Those apps take and eat a lot more bandwidth in comparsion to Facetime and thus it is the finest app to do video calls over the internet.
  • A very lightweight application:- The Facetime for Android weighs at max 10 MB and it is a very lightweight application which will also s ave you tonnes of storage in your device.
  • Easy and simple to use :-The app is simple and easy to use and it functions just like the ones on Iphone or Ipad.
  • Great user interface:- The app has a simple and ambient user interface that highly imposes great user experience.
  • And much more.

Steps to Download the Facetime for Android:-

Facetime for Android

The Facetime android apk is extremely popular these days and today we will be telling you the step by step method on how you can install and run this app properly on your Android device and that too without any hassle.

  • Firstly, you require an ios emulator, for that Download the ios emulator from it official website and let it install.
  • Once it is downloaded, Install it on your device.
  • it takes sometime to install this app, once that is done your app will work properly.
  • now once the app installed, Open the itunes and log-in with your Apple ID credentials and once that is done you will have full access to your Apple Simulator.
  • Now once that is done click on the search bar and then look for Facetime.
  • Now select on Facetime and then click to install it.
  • And once it is downloaded and installed you can easily use it just like one uses it for Apple devices.

Conclusion :-

If you are looking to use Facetime for Android then it is a great choice as here you can install and run the Facetime app easily and also know the features of the app, Facetime is an amazing application that comes with bunch of epic features and it is a must have for all devices, because it saves data, uses less bandwidth, its safe and secure and also it has its special animoji feature that is pretty unique as well, Thus a must have from our side.


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