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Geeni On PC Windows :- Today’s era is all about science and Technology Where You can just sit at home and get your work done within a tap. Various applications have been innovated to make the work easier for us human beings. Likewise, today we are talking about one of the innovations of this era which is called as “GEENI” application. From the Geeni On PC Windows app you can control and manage all the smart geeni home devices or else by your voice using amazon echo from any part of the world.

Geeni On PC Windows
Geeni On PC Windows

This application is really easy enough for any person to use or handle and also it collaborates the intelligibility of an on/off switch with the premium features of it. Geeni app is available for all of your devices. You can get it downloaded from your play store on Windows Pc or on your smartphones and it is also available on appstore in iOS devices. The Geeni On PC Windows app is free of cost and you don’t have to pay a single buck to use this application. It is a pocket friendly as well as user friendly app. Game Action

Without further delay let’s move into the premium feature of genie application.

The Great Geeni On PC Windows And all About this lovely app –

The Geeni On PC Windows application is an easy and powerful control for the each and every devices. You can pick a colour or mood of the color bulbs and you can even dim a white bulb also you can be able to track energy consumption of a plug. You will get all these from one single application. You can set smart scenes for automated actions. For the security reasons and control you can schedule when you want to turn the devices on and off. You will be able to choose which devices your friends, family, relatives, guests and roommates can control for the account sharing.

Great Geeni On PC Windows
Great Geeni On PC Windows

This application has also got cloud based on services so that you can log in and control you home from any phone at anytime you would like to.

This application provides a varieties of pros to the users. You can track all the Geeni-enabled smart devices from the Geeni On PC Windows one application. This app is very compatible for all the smart devices in which it is enabled. This application is very simple to use and operate at the same time. It requires no any complicated hub which means you can operate it from anywhere at anytime. This application is smart enough to get connected directly to your home WIFI network so you don’t have to worry about the extra internet charges.

Once you figure it out the Geeni On PC Windows app is really easy to use and understand. In this application you can view multiple cameras on one screen. You can pair new devices on this application without any fuss because it is way more easier than ever. Talking about it’s security level you need two factor authentication which is supported by the application for the security and confidentiality of it’s users. IP TV Smarters Pro on PC Windows

Few user rating and Reviews in regards to the Geeni On PC Windows –

Miss Brenda Gave the app 5 stars-
I am legally blind and technology challenged. The app is easy to use and understand. And the cameras? They are awesome for the price. Way better picture than the Wyze my dog ate, which I didn’t really mind. If she eats these cameras, I will mind. The app along with the user guide were easy to use, figure out and made me happy. I usually call them “destructions.” These are actually instructions that even a blind person can read and follow easily. Thank you so much.

Reviews in regards to the Geeni On PC Windows
Reviews in regards to the Geeni On PC Windows

Mr. Nash gave the app 5 stars-
Grate app, works well with my smart led lights and wireless camera. Fast, easy and quick. And easy device connect! Say you get more for what you paid for! But for the price and quality and durability is more then I’d expected! Don’t lesion to anyone that’s had negative interaction. Me and a few friends all got Wireless cameras and no problem. I even have smart LED bulb back in December and love it!

Miss Jessica Gave the app 5 stars-
I LOVE IT… I started with 1 light bulb and now have several items including 2 cameras. I do have a little hack to-do to get started, to connect my 1st camera you need 2.4G and I have 5G. So folks leave your router alone. Plug the camera into an extension cord and get away from your router. I went into the garage and plugged in and walked to the end of the driveway (about 40 feet from the router) I had no problem, Fire Stick Remote on PC Windows

if you have trouble sit on the ground and get below the single that will connect quickly and they work great. Once it is connected to your network you can take and plug in where you would like.

Mr. Clyde said the following about the app –
Great app. Just need a few more features added ! Like to make it so if camera has motion you can have it turn a light on. Would love to see it also so it can email you a motion on a camera. Updated : The new version is awesome ! Lots of great improvements ! Why do you have to refresh the cameras for them to work ? Once I click the refresh button they work but I have to every time

User Rating and Additional Information on the Geeni On PC Windows :-

These are the user info on the Geeni On PC Windows –

User rating of the app4.0 out of 5 stars
Total no. of installs1 Million +
Size of the app63 MB
Last date of its update13 November 2020
Current version of the app1.54.1
Content rating of the appRated for 3 +
App offered by-Offered By
Merkury Innovations
Geeni On PC


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