Myths of Moonrise for PC, Windows 11/10 Free Download

Myths of Moonrise for PC: Real-time tactics video games are getting popular and today we present one of such games the name of this game is Myths of Moonrise for PC. So let’s learn more about it now in this article.

About Myths of Moonrise for PC

StarFortune created the role-playing game Myths of Moonrise. Both possible Fallen minions and other civilians might be concealed within the rubble and broken walls. Be careful, never give up on your compatriots, and never show mercy to the dead. Arm yourself with strategies, then align the chess pieces to release the ethereal power that can defeat your enemies. Pc App

Myths of Moonrise for PC

True lords never come from solitary wolves. Elites of all races are eager to assist you! Never say no to them. You must gather the guts instead since you will eventually need a powerful right-hand guy of your own. Match-3 Battles and Hero Exploration make the perfect match.

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The Functionality of Myths of Moonrise for PC

Achieve Honor

Build up your clan, bolster your willpower, and achieve honour through challenging circumstances and perilous escapes. And all of these abilities would be tested in the final Arena. The Fallen’s wrath only grows as a result of shelters and inaction. Bring together all of your assets for initiative attacks. Get rid of every danger on the continent. Turning into the real Lord of Nights is the only way to reestablish calm and peace.

Sweeping Dwelling Gameplay

Giant meteoroid fragments pierced the peace and tranquillity of the night without any prior notice. Crash, cries, and wails suddenly enveloped the entire Continent in utter darkness. The Fallen’s claws and teeth tore up the long-lasting tranquilly and innocent lives… Everything is about to go apart…

The Vampire, the Werewolf, and the Wizard came together at this crucial juncture, looking for glimmerings of hope among the darkness. When they eventually arrived at the Ancestral Grounds, the powerful Lord was already awakened from his protracted sleep. Take back our territories and glory, and the moon will rise once more, he is now commanding all races. Strategy

Features of the Myths of Moonrise for PC

  • Build new homes
    Remove the ruins and barriers! The process of rebuilding is never easy. There may be fellow citizens hiding among the debris and collapsed walls, as well as potential Fallen minions. Please proceed cautiously, never give up on your fellow countrymen, and never grant mercy to the Dead. Equip yourself with tactics, then match the chess pieces to unleash the mystical force that can vanquish your adversaries!
  • Bring in heroes
    Real Lords never emerge from lone wolves! Elites from all races want to help you! Never refuse them! Instead, you must muster the courage because you will eventually require a powerful right-hand man of your own.
  • Explore and attain victory
    Arena goes to the ready! The ideal pairing is Match-3 Battles and Hero Exploration. Build up your clan, strengthen your resolve, and gain your glory during the difficult situations and precarious escapes! And the ultimate Arena would put all of these skills to the test!
  • Overlord of War
    There are 5 Races, 4 Troop Types, and all the relationships of limitations! The transition to the offensive side takes hardly any time at all! If you want to get the upper hand on the battlefield, wisely lining up and planning ahead are crucial!
  • Form Alliances
    Oaths are not as powerful as power! All races’ alliances preserve the stability of inner brotherhood and the extension of outer territory, which is the only way they can frighten the Fallen! Never forget that a powerful Lord never battles alone!
  • Protect Continent
    Shelters and inaction only serve to increase the Fallen’s ferocity! assemble all of your resources for initiative attacks! Get rid of all threats on the entire continent! The only way to reestablish tranquilly and harmony is to turn into the true Lord of Nights!

FAQs of Myths of Moonrise for PC

Myths of Moonrise for PC What is it?
The game was developed by StarFortune to bring participants together and aid in overcoming defeat. The game explores difficult subjects while encouraging camaraderie and hope.

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How can I obtain fresh Myths of Moonrise redemption codes?
On networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and Discord, myths about Moonrise codes are disseminated. The majority of the time, the developer releases new codes to celebrate milestones, festivals, partnerships, and other noteworthy events.

Is the Myths of Moonrise for PC Free to play?
Yes, the game is available on the google playstore and it is indeed free to play. Though, there are in-game purchase elements too.

Myths of Moonrise for PC

User Reviews of Myths of Moonrise for PC


All is well thus far. My phone freezes and then kicks me when the animation isn’t optimised. My iPad buzzes, and all I have to do is reset it. If you wish to run two games or login in on various machines, I’d like to see a connection up. Good story, passable gameplay; would love to see a solo line. Continue your wonderful work. Casual


The Myths of Moonrise for PC is enjoyable and of high quality. It seems like a great game, but I don’t like to be duped either, so I just want to know if that is a part of the game or just ads. I downloaded it thanks to an advertisement, and in the advertisement it came as a plot of response options, for example, the fact that I saw that the ghosts and tribes were coming to decide to either hide the vampire girls or not.


Match 3 puzzle games have been a lot of fun for me. This has a Gothic vampire genre twist but else is the same as the rest. It features fantastic graphics, intriguing characters, and a tonne of vast global and puzzle game modes with a tonne of alliance interaction and material, even though it seems pretty formulaic to me. Game over, please.


I’ve always enjoyed playing games with a Halloween-themed setting, so seeing a game about vampires, wolves, and other similar creatures makes me happy. Even though the game is reminiscent of the candy crush saga, the characters still have unique attacks and animations for the aforementioned creatures. Keep playing the game as it is! It was a really good job that you did.

Conclusion on Myths of Moonrise for PC

Overall the is a really great game that we’ve personally tried and if you like a vivid and lovely experience of fighting and card based genre with puzzles and a role play story game environment then this game is ideally the right fit for you.

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