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RealVNC Viewer App: Virtual Network Computing is referred to as VNC. It is a cross-platform screen-sharing tool designed for remote control of an additional machine. This implies that a remote user may operate a computer’s screen, keyboard, and mouse from a different device as if they were seated directly in front of it.

VNC utilises a client/server architecture. A VNC viewer, or client, is installed on the device you wish to control from, and a server component is installed on the remote computer (the one you want to manage). And in this post, we’re going to speak about the RealVNC Viewer Program for PC and Windows, which is the greatest VNC app. So let’s get started.

RealVNC Viewer

About RealVNC Viewer App

A remote PC programme called RealVNC Viewer enables users to instantaneously and remotely view any computer, whether it runs Windows, Linux, or MacOS. This programme enables you to view the desktop and manage the keyboard and mouse of a remote computer. Users must first download a VNC server programme to the computer they intend to control, and then they must download this app to the machine they wish to utilise as their control point.

The Functionality of RealVNC Viewer App

The Purpose of RealVNC Viewer

Virtual network computing, sometimes known as VNC, is a graphical desktop sharing technology in computing. The remote-frame buffer protocol is used by this programme to control another machine from a distance. It uses a network to transport graphical-screen changes back and forth as well as keyboard and mouse activities from one machine to another. There are clients and servers for numerous GUI-based operating systems as well as Java, making VNC platform neutral.

A VNC server can have several connections from different clients at once. One of the numerous applications for this technology is the ability to view data on one’s work computer from a different computer at home, and vice versa. The programme not only enables remote computer operation, but it also supports Bluetooth keyboards and mouse.

Get the best VNC App Now

As previously said, you must ensure that VNC Server is installed on the machine you wish to manage in order to utilise the software. The device from which you wish to exercise control can then have this app installed on it. You only need to launch the installer on the device you wish to control in order to install the programme. However, keep in mind that you might need to setup your network if you’re connected online. Additionally, the software might not perform as effectively on every machine.

Under Windows, optional MSIs are accessible for remote deployment. You can select to install the standalone alternative if you don’t have authorization to install the programme on desktop platforms. You just need to agree to the EULA the first time you start VNC Viewer, and it is always free to use.

Features of the RealVNC Viewer App

Convenient remote control
As though they belonged on the distant computer, utilise the touchscreen or mouse and keyboard that are in front of you.

Tested and proven effectiveness
We understand how to offer a responsive screen-sharing experience that is as good as being present because we invented the original VNC® technology.

Cross-platform compatibility
With Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, and Android on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Access, both attended and unattended
Connect whether or not the proprietors of the distant computer are present.

Cloud and direct connections
No matter where the devices are, our cloud solution automatically mediates cloud connections between them.

Online group coordination
From a single place, you can manage distant PCs, the team members you ask to share remote access with you, and their roles and permissions.

and more.

Pros and Cons of RealVNC Viewer App


  • Simple to use robust software
  • excellent visualisation
  • Encryption from end to end


  • Possibly not as effective on every computer
  • Maximum of three unsuccessful tries
  • Better hand controls are possible.
  • WAN is preferred over LAN

FAQs of RealVNC Viewer App

How is VNC Viewer installed?
Once the VNC server tool has been downloaded and installed on the host PC, gaining control is a pretty easy and basic process. You need to follow a few simple steps via an Explorer-style wizard in order to download the server software. The installation package is small and has no negative effects on the system’s resources. You may need to setup the network if you’re connecting gadgets over the internet.

It backs up data, right?
Additionally, it syncs and backs up data across all of the devices. On each device, you simply need to log in to the VNC Viewer. The application automatically creates a password for each remote machine.

How does the VNC Viewer operate?
Virtual Network Computing, sometimes known as VNC, is a remote desktop sharing solution that enables you to control a machine from a distance. To create a secure connection, the programme makes use of the dependable remote-frame buffer protocol.

User Reviews of RealVNC Viewer App


I’ve been using this programme as a developer for what has to be more than a decade at this time, using it on the desktop and now the mobile. I am at a loss for words when it comes to how helpful and simple to use these programmes are. Very nicely designed, with simplified navigation for efficiency, sensible features, quick bug patches, and very few of the connection and latency difficulties I’ve encountered with other programmes of a similar nature. Congratulations to all parties involved. If it’s possible, I’d want to learn how to sign up to be a beta tester for any upcoming applications you might have.


Overall, the RealVNC Viewer App for PC and the RealVNC Viewer App for Windows are amazing and the software is excellent. performs the functions you want for distant connections. This software does not function, though, while using a Samsung handset in DeX mode. It claims to have been created for touch displays. That’s really bad because I was really excited to use this programme for my DeX mode remote desktop connections.


RealVNC Viewer App for PC for virtually everything, however on a high-graphics application the frame rate is terrible, as you can see the frame loading extremely slowly from the top down. I realise that it is not intended for that, so I have given it a five-star rating anyhow. It’s a fantastic programme for using remotely when you’re on a different device and want to connect to a computer. Definitely suggest.


You may now access your work computer using your home computer, or the other way around, thanks to RealVNC Viewer App For PC / RealVNC Viewer App for Windows. Although quite comprehensive, the programme is simple to use. Additionally, it offers superb visuals, simulating working from a distance on a computer. Additionally, the connection is encrypted, providing you with additional assurance that your data is secure. Although there are a few minor problems here and there, this programme offers a reliable answer for your remote access requirements overall.


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