Bluestacks Emulator for PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Download For Free!

Bluestacks Emulator for PC:- As we all know the number of accessible games these days on smartphones are way more in number than they are in our PC’s and the main thing is that its not at all easy to download PC games for Free, where as on the other Hand Android As well as Ios gaming market is Huge and people tend to play these games a lot lately,

But what if we could play these games on our PC? The android games onto our PC’s TO enjoy greater FPS, bigger screen and free games. Yes, that is completely possible, as today we are going to talk about Bluestacks Emulator for PC.

What is Bluestacks Emulator for PC?

Bluestacks is an android Emulator Application that allows you to Run Android Games Onto your PC for free and at the same time it also allows you to customize your settings and control onto PC and enjoy these games to the fullest.

Bluestacks Emulator for PC

Basically bluestacks is an American company that was founded in 2009 and the beta Version of the emulator was released in 2014 and till now it has more than 400 million downloads and the size of the app being 442 Mb makes this emulator a good app to download on your PC if you love playing games or Using android applications.

The Bluestacks Emulator for PC is mostly famous For games such as Pub-g As the emulator provides the players A great gaming experience and conversion of the game to a PC mode For free.

The emulator has a lot of features that we can talk about, so without further ado lets jump right into it:-

Features of Bluestacks Emulator for PC:-

  • Free to use:-the Bluestacks emulator does not charge you even a single penny out of your pocket as it is all free and you can enjoy all of its benefits comptely for free without having to pay a single amount any day.
  • Great user interface:- the app has a dynamic user interface that is very easy to understand for people. and even children can understand the user interface of this app without having to dig in much.
  • Gives High Fps:- the emulator runs on the Device Graphics card thus according to the GPU you will get higher FPs in comparison to your Smartphone.
  • Customizable controls:- you can edit and customize controls manually to enjoy these games to their finest.
  • Various Modes:- there are various modes such as MOBA mode or Fps mode for enhanced experience as per every game genre.
  • Sync games:- you can Sync your games with the cloud service and save the data.
  • Macro services:- there are multiple macro services such as replay downloading and much more readily available for you to use in this app.
  • Optimized mode:- this mode enhances the CPU usage and gives optimal performance for the game.
  • Translation in the app:-you can translate stuff in real time to understand games in different languages.
  • Hd graphics:- the app supports HD graphics smoothly.
  • Scripts usage :- you can use scripts to command for repetitive use of controls.

How to download Bluestacks Emulator for PC:-

Firstly go to the official website of Bluestacks at and then Install the app on your PC.

After installation Run the app.

Now you will see a Android type screen where you can log in to your google account and use the google playstore,

Thats it now you can download anything from playstore and enjoy Bluestacks.


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