A flexible Framework for predictive diagnosis

Predictive Diagnosis

Keep track of the condition of equipment, produce reports, and construct predictive models all in one location. Without knowing how to programme or understand algorithm theory, machine learning may be used thanks to a unique analytical engine. We constantly adapt to new breakthroughs and trends, and this, together with our thorough scientific approach and ongoing platform enhancement, keeps the platform current and cutting edge at all times.

The analytical engine is the most significant advantage of the RSIMS platform

The analytical engine is used to generate prediction models and draw conclusions. It is also supported by measurement, operational, and production data, documentation, monitoring systems, as well as expert knowledge. The data is stored in a specialised database. The data pre-processing module is an important component that addresses data issues (such as inadequacies) by altering them, resulting in greater quality. App Nana on PC Windows

RS has specialised unique machine learning algorithms to maintain prediction and prescribing concerns. Over 20 machine learning approaches are used to generate the best model, which is then added to a library of analytical models with a variety of machine models (e.g. turbines, engines).

How will adopting the RSIMS platform and RSIMS Apps assist my business?

The terms monitoring, forecasting, and prescribing sound quite technical. However, there are several benefits for your entire company. First of all, less downtime and failures translate into higher production. Second, the savings our clients get as a result of lower maintenance expenses? Let the results do the talking: a typical ROI is only a few weeks or even months. News & Magazines

Additionally, with more time for action, you and your teams may operate under less time pressure and concentrate on enhancing their output while maintaining control of the situation. We are aware that reduced stress, less excessive work hours, and overall improved working circumstances are favourable for our clients. Communication

Predictive Diagnosis RSIMS platform

What exactly is Predictive Maintenance?

To summarise? Reliability Solutions Predictive Maintenance refers to the ability to foresee problems and abnormalities before they occur. Our algorithms analyse massive volumes of data to find potential anomalies long before humans can calculate or observe them. When RSIMS identifies a potentially harmful scenario, you will be notified through SMS, e-mail, or phone call. And with RSIMS, you have complete control since you have time to respond ahead of time!

That means you can arrange the repair and order extra components for your equipment without the typical tension and, at times, confusion. More information may be found in the root-cause analysis and automatically generated reports. What else? With each new package of data, our AI-based platform improves and becomes more precise, so you get a tool that gets better every day!

Advantages of using preventative and prescription maintenance

We have previously assisted businesses in a variety of sectors, including mining, logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, petrochemical and chemical, food and beverage, as well as energy.


Customers report a 30% decrease in overall maintenance costs! See how your company may profit from predictive and prescriptive maintenance by adding a return on investment of months rather than years!


Bluestacks Let engineers handle the jobs that call for their expertise. Our preventative and curative maintenance approaches will guarantee that your equipment operates as it should! Your inventory expenses will go down, maintenance planning time will go down, and ultimately… Give you a productivity boost of up to 25%!


Our prescriptive and preventative maintenance solutions assist our customers in optimising their operations and providing complete visibility into when their equipment needs repair or an upgrade.


Maintain your production as planned – with no unexpected occurrences and up to 20% greater uptime! With our industry-leading technologies for prescriptive and predictive maintenance, you can take your manufacturing processes to the next level.


Our solutions enable our clients to cut energy usage, increase equipment lifespan, and reduce industrial pollution.


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