Android in video intercoms: innovative ACS equipment

BAS-IP throughout its activities offers exceptionally modern and reliable security systems that are suitable for residential and commercial facilities. At the same time, the manufacturer does not stop at the achieved level and offered its fans a modern new solution – Android Intercom (video intercoms based on the Android operating system).

This made it possible to create the most convenient and functional devices that brought intercoms to a whole new level – now they do not just allow you to receive a call and open doors, but have become a real center for managing your security devices. It also made it possible to operate the video intercom through the BAS-IP APP software. By connecting the device to the application, you can control security devices, view archives from cameras or a recorder, configure settings, etc. It also became possible to install third-party software that works in conjunction with the Android OS.

Functionality of video intercoms based on Android

Initially, a video intercom was a standard device with a screen where information from the door panel camera was simply displayed. A button for opening the doors was also installed. Video intercoms on the Android operating system have taken the equipment to a whole new level, providing the following features:

  • you can connect to the Internet for the purpose of call forwarding with the possibility of remote control;
  • automatic control of many systems “smart home” with the provision of reports through the application;
  • setting up internal communication between subscribers of the system – “intercom”;
  • communication with the concierge and / or security directly through the intercom, without the need to use additional devices;
  • receiving alerts from all tenants without having to leave the apartment;
  • the ability to follow everything happening online, no matter where you are.

And this is only a small part of the possibilities that the equipment provides. The video intercom makes it possible to receive calls on a smartphone, view messages or even record photos / videos of visitors who came while the owner was away. To appreciate the situation outside the premises, there is no need to leave the expanses of your own home, because. you can monitor what is happening using the camera in the call panel or an additionally connected IP camera.

To expand the functionality of the video intercom based on Android allows you to install additional software. But it is important to keep in mind that everything is much more complicated than just installing applications from Google Play, you need to save the installation files on the device’s memory card and run directly from the video intercom.

Despite the fact that the equipment is of a new generation, it is just as simple in terms of installation and configuration. It is enough to provide power for the system by connecting a camera with a microphone to it, and further configuration is carried out in a few clicks. Intercom maintenance consists only in timely updating, which is carried out automatically, and additional procedures will not be needed.

New video intercoms from BAS-IP based on Android

The manufacturer provided several video intercoms with a screen resolution of 7 and 10 inches, which are an independent device and operate on the basis of the Android operating system. According to their characteristics, they do not differ from each other:

  • are equipped with an omnidirectional microphone and can read the surrounding sounds without errors, suppressing echo and noise, which simplifies communication;
  • a module for configuring communication between IP intercoms, which allows communication between several devices;
  • there is a function to capture sound and image during a call;
  • integration of up to 8 alarm sensors into the video intercom;
  • possibility of connection on the protective PoE protocol is provided that simplifies installation.
  • BAS-IP video intercoms based on Andriod OS

IP video intercom BAS-IP AT-10 is equipment designed to control and manage access to objects for various purposes. Due to its technical capabilities, such equipment will become simply an indispensable solution in apartments, offices, private houses and other facilities. Unlike a classic intercom, with the help of a video intercom you can not only hear, but also see who has come to you. This makes it easier to identify the guest.

In each case, a color screen is provided, but may differ in technology – TFT or IPS matrix. The latter option will guarantee better image transmission. All novelties are touch-sensitive – they can be controlled without buttons, simply by pressing the screen, similar to tablets and smartphones. Similarly, a video intercom will be as simple as possible to set up and manage, and its functionality will significantly overtake analogues, which is facilitated by well-thought-out technology.

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