Capsll for PC, Windows 11/10 macOS Download for Free

Today marks the official debut of Capsll, Inc.’s new software, which enables users to safely collect and retain memories from various digital sources in order to share their life stories. The Capsll App enables users to build their very own “capsll,” where they can store their tales and leave behind a legacy.

So let’s examine and discover more about this wonderful programme right away.

Capsll for PC
Capsll for PC

About Capsll for PC

If they were ever recorded, they are probably, at best, dispersed across social media. You may preserve your history, share your heritage, and tell your life tales using the Capsll app.

Capsll makes it simple and secure to compile fragments of memories—including audio, video, images, and text—into digital time capsules that may be shared privately with complete user control or on a voluntary public feed to encourage others. The programme, which gives users total control over their material and doesn’t harvest user data or rely on advertising, is poised to revolutionise digital memory saving.

The Functionality of Capsll for PC

You are Important

Make as many digital time capsules as you’d like, and fill them all with the tales you care about! You’ll soon understand how wonderful you really are! Your life matters, and your tales matter too, so keep them. Application

Your Choice

We want your work to belong to you, unlike other sites. Additionally, we want you to have the choice of sharing your content exclusively with the people you want to view it. You can share capsules on the public feed to encourage others, but you also have the option to keep each one fully private for yourself or to share it with only the individuals you wish to view it.

Your Story Will Always Exist

Legacy is not just something that history records. In actuality, YOU are writing history with Capsll! Your life’s experiences, memories, and insights will be extremely useful to future generations of people. Your prospective family can now get to know you by hearing it directly from you! Imagine being able to hear your grandfather’s stories directly from him or tasting your grandma’s delectable dishes. For others who come after you, you can do it right away. Not only will your children know this version of their parents, but they will also discover how you grew to be such a fantastic person! And you truly are a wonderful person.

Be Your True Self.

You can never have the worth of the stuff you provide diminished without likes and public comments. You are finally, truly free to be who you are. Gone are the days when you took 30 photos to select the best one to share based on what others might think. Your stories on Capsll should actually just be genuine and sincere, not necessarily flawless.

Remember AKA Capsll for PC

Utilizing Capsll is a fantastic experience. You’ll probably recall a long-forgotten anecdote from your history while you tell one narrative. This is due to the fact that whenever you create first-person content in this manner, your brain’s neurology retrieves these memories. Like sitting down with an old acquaintance from school and exclaiming, “Wow! If we hadn’t met, I wouldn’t have remembered that incident. Capsll operates similarly, and it’s a satisfying and frequently emotional experience in the greatest sense. Noxplayer

Your Narrative Has Value

You may not understand how valuable your tale is. Consider this: Of the almost 8 billion people on the earth, not a single one has experienced the same combination of opportunities, achievements, hardships, and failures as you have. Not one is the same! Your tale already counts, therefore you don’t need to perform some extraordinary deed.

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Features of the Capsll

  • A really intuitive and interactive app that is filled with loads of features.
  • Good set of features and benefits that allow you to enjoy a wonderful media experience.
  • Understand and share your story or even listen to others stories at any given time.
  • Multitude of people and communities out there to share their personal experiences.
  • Meet new people andd connect with others around the world.
  • And literally so much more as well.

New Updates in Capsll for PC

  • We’ve been working hard to improve Capsll! You may now swipe through media, download your info whenever you want, and erase your account in this most recent version, but don’t!
  • Numerous features have been enhanced, including screen animations, notifications, keyboard behaviour, media display, camera capture, and a number of user experience (UX) enhancements.
  • We also fixed issues with audio recording and playback, sporadic crashes, unnecessary steps when making Capslls, image and video preview sizes, the subscription purchase flow, and several layout problems.

FAQs of Capsll for PC

Can I get Capsll for nothing?
Yes! Using our website, you can download Capsll for free from official websites.

Does the Capsll for PC software work on a PC?
It’s easy! You may quickly start using the app by just following the short instruction we have provided below. You can get Capsll for PC for free by clicking the “Download” button above, which will take you to the official download page.

Functionality of Capsll for PC

Can Capsll be used on both Windows and MAC?
In a word, yes! You can get Capsll for PC to run on most versions of Windows or MAC by following the instructions in our free tutorial below.

User Reviews of Capsll for PC


I can share my stories with people and communities using this app, it is really astonishing and surely worth it in every single aspect.


This app is really super easy to use and I love the multiple set of features that it has. It helps me in sharing my narrative.


I love the Capsll for PC it is really easy to use and has so many perks and features to connect with people.

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Conclusion on Capsll for PC

Capsll can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play on both iOS and Android devices. Making it a very nice and fun app with tonnes of features and perks and undoubtedly it is worth installing in our subjective view and we give it a giant heads up from our end.


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