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FlipaClip for Android is an excellent app that allows you to explore your childhood. This is an android and iOS application that is available for free. You can use this application to show your creativity. This app will also help you to test your professional skills.

Here, you can draw the cartoon as per your choice and interest. You can also follow the animations. Here, you will also find a lot of cool animations.

FlipaClip for Android

What is The Twist

In the old school flipbook, you will find the modern twist. The animation of this app is excellent, you will love it. You will also love the representation of the storyboard. Here, you can also fill the color in the sketch as per your choice. You can choose your favorite color to color the sketch.

If you want to draw a raw sketch then you can also go for it. You can easily draw the sketch using your fingers on the screen. You can also use the S pen for your galaxy mobile phone.

In this animation app, you can enjoy doing anything you want. You can choose the color as well as sketch everything according to your choice. You can also use your ideas to color the images as well as draw the stunning images according to you. It is up to you whatever you want to do with colors and sketch, you can do.

Here, you can easily animate all the parts of the animation according to you. You can also affect the same part two times.

Download Older Version:

Install FlipaClip for android is the best animation application available on the Google Play Store and iTunes. You can also download the app file from the official site. This app has a lot of stunning features that make this app awesome. Some features will also be added soon.

FlipaClip: How To Sideload This App on Android

It is very easy to sideload Flipaclip for android devices such as a mobile phone or tablet. For this, you have to download this Flipaclip from the official website. Once you have completed the downloading process, you can proceed to the next step. In the next step, you have to place it on your SD card and also run the application file from the SD card.

Here, you have to also make a change in your setting. You have to allow permission for downloading from unknown sources. It will take some time to install the Flipaclip for android device.

You can use this method for your android mobile phone or tablet. You have to also provide the permission of app on your android device. This app has a lot of premium features. You can easily unlock the premium features of this app by donation or purchase.

After creating a beautiful drawing, you will also get a lot of fan followers. You can also go for the Premium Flipaclip for android apk download for more features.

Install FlipaClip Apk From Google Play Store

If you don’t want to download this app by a lengthy process then you can easily download this app from Google Play Store. First of all, you have open the Google Play Store on your device. After this, you have to sign in with your Google account.

download FlipaClip for Android

Now, you have to search for FlipaClip in the search bar of the Google Play Store. Now you will see a lot of similar apps on your screen but you have to open the FlipaClip for android. In the final step, you have to click on the install button to get this app on your device. It will take some time for the installation process. You can also use the same process for the iOS device but you have to open the Apps Store.

Features Of FlipaClip for Android

  • There are a lot of animated layers as well as onion layers in this app.
  • There are different drawing tools as well as the text tools that will help you in the additional layer of editing.
  • One of the best things about this app is that it also supports pressure-sensitive pens such as S pen and much more.
FlipaClip for Android download
  • You can also animate the timeline and also use the frame manager.
  • Here, you can also create animated videos without any problems.
  • If you are done with your video and animation then you can also share it with your friends on social media platforms.

Download FlipaClip on iOS and Apple Device

If you want to download FlipaClip app on your Apple devices such as iPhone and iPads then you can easily download via iTunes. First of all, make sure that iTunes is installed on your device.

FlipaClip app

You must connect as well as sync the iOS device with iTunes. After this, you can click on the install button to get this app on your device. You can also download the same app from the Apps Store. It will take some time to install this app on your iOS device.

How To Download FlipaClip on you your Computer

If you want to download and use the FlipaClip app on your personal computer then you can follow the complete downloading and installing steps. You can also use the Flipaclip for pc. First of all, you have to download an android emulator on your personal computer. Once you have completed the downloading process, you can proceed to the next step. Now, this is time to install and launch the android emulator on your personal computer.

There are a lot of android emulators available on the internet, you can download any of them as per your choice. The names of some popular android emulators are Bluestacks, YouWave, Nox Player, Andy EMulator, and Remix OS Player.

FlipaClip download

Once you have done all these things, you have to sideload the apps by double-clicking on the Apk file.

How To Use FlipaClip on Smart Phone

You can easily use this app on your smartphone. This app does not consume more time to setup. One of the best things about this app is that you can animate any part of the animation. There are various amazing animations that will make you happy.

cartoon animation app

You will also get a lot of art styles to display. This app is one of the best apps when it comes to the smooth animation. Here, you can create a smooth animation. You will also get a small tutorial video to learn using this app.

How To Become a Creative

Here, you will find a single button for copy and paste. You can easily manage the huge drawings easily. There is a problem that will stop you to do the squash on your drawing or animation. It is present on iOS, it will be fixed soon. You need not worry about it.

Here, you can also add different colors to the sketch. By using the advanced tools, you can also create your own sketch. You will also find a black and white screen you can choose according to you and create a stunning sketch.

What is New in the Latest Version

  • In the latest version of this app, you will find the fix for the project opening issue.
  • This will also fix the bugs in the layers.
  • In the popup alignment, you will also find the improvement.
  • You will also find improvement in the stage.
  • Flipaclip pro apk latest version has a lot of amazing features.
  • You will also find the empty state for the movie and project.
  • Here, you can also upload more than one internal library.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is it safe to use FlipaClip application on my smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to use the FlipaClip for android app on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. You can enjoy using this app on your various devices without any problems.

  • Is it free to use this cartoon animator app?

Ans: This app is absolutely free to use. If you want to use the premium features then you have to purchase the premium version.

  • Can we download the FlipaClip app from the Google Play Store and App Store?

Ans: Yes it is available on the Google Play Store and App Store. You can easily download it from these stores.

  • Can I add my own music files?

Ans: Yes you can easily add your own audio file but make sure that you are using a pro version of this app.

  • How much the Flipaclip premium cost?

Ans: It is available at a reasonable price. If you want to utilize all the features then you have to upgrade to the pro version.

  • In which format can I save the animated video?

Ans: You can save the animated videos in MP4 or GIF format as per your choice.


If it is matter of animation then Flipaclip is a great application. There are not any expenses for the beginners. This app is available for various operating system platforms such as Android, Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / XP/ Vista, Mac, and iOS.

You can also add some layers by using the old pictures in this app. You can enjoy using this amazing animation app on your device.


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