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Linktree for PC: Most social media platforms allow us to include a link to our biography. A single link is frequently insufficient because persons are typically not characterised by just one thing. Fortunately, downloading the app’s file will enable us to fix the issue. And today, let’s find out more about the incredible Linktree for PC app and discover how to get it for free on a PC.

About Linktree for PC

A tool specifically made for social networks called Linktree enables us to build a links directory from a single link. Because numerous branches spread out from a single trunk, the name is a reference to trees. NoxPlayer.

Linktree for PC

With over 25M creators using Linktree to monetize their work and conduct business globally, it is the first and most well-known link in bio tool. Make a free Linktree link for your bio in a matter of minutes to share whatever you create with followers and other creators. Linktree enables creators to increase their fan base, make sales, gather feedback, and more!

Users of Linktree can list an infinite number of links and display a special QR code with the free option. Additional customization possibilities and integrations with websites like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook are available with the premium service, which costs $6 per month.

The Functionality of Linktree for PC

This is how it goes:

  1. Free Linktree URL claim:
  2. Include everything you want, including links, music, playlists, videos, podcasts, surveys, causes, products, biographies, a store, your menu, and live streams!
  3. Customize your desired design to match your brand and even the style. Take full control of the colours, fonts, button styles, bio, and even the ability to submit unique background pictures and videos. To get started even faster, you can choose from pre-made themes.
  4. Share your Linktree with as many people as possible to involve them in everything you do. Include a link to your Linktree in your social media accounts, email signature, résumé, and even consider getting your own QR code to use on menus, brochures, or even to project on a building’s side!
  5. Gain insights and thorough data about your audience, including information on what they click on, wherever they come from, and a tonne more.

Features of the Linktree for PC

  • Easy to use and simplified for everyone
  • Allows you to create your simplified socials link at one place.
  • It allows users to portray themselves on social media.
  • Is used a lot by twitch streamers and youtube partners.
  • It has a lot of color and theme customizable options.
  • There are few exclusive paid features too but the free ones mostly do the job.

Pros and Cons of Linktree for PC


  • You have a page with a “tree” of links, thus it delivers on both its name and functionality promises. I appreciate that you can view your analytics and see how many people clicked on it.
  • I’ve used this application for a very long time, and I like how it has developed into such a user-friendly programme.
  • I enjoy how simple it is to use and how you can create links that look nice. Additionally, it’s really well-liked, so my followers are aware that they can access all of my links by tapping the link in my bio.
  • Linktree is great if you don’t require many features and can use the free version.


  • The restricted capability and lack of website page customization bothered me.
  • I wouldn’t get a refund, they stated, and their decision was final. Literally not even pointing out my mistakes.
  • There aren’t many themes to choose from. There may be a problem with the bio description’s 80 character limit.
  • In comparison to their rivals, they lack aesthetics.

FAQs of Linktree for PC

Can I get a free copy of Linktree: Link in Bio Creator?
Yes! Using our website, you can get Linktree: Link in Bio Creator for free from official websites.

Does the software work on a PC?
It’s simple! You may get it if you simply follow the instructions using the bluestacks emulator.

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Workability of Linktree: Link in Bio Creator on MAC and Windows?
In a word, yes!

User Reviews of Linktree for PC


fantastic app The problem I used to have with both desktop and mobile browsers was that the website was sluggish and jerky due to all the links loading at once. It’s so much more effective and worthwhile thanks to this app! Thanks!


Linktree for PC is The best software for keeping all of your contacts in one place and sharing them is the coolest company name you can have on your phone. It’s crucial to have your contact information and basic information on your hand these days, and I strongly advise this if you don’t have a business card or don’t intend to get one.


The home screen should include a short widget that displays your QR code. like the new custom of business cards! Would be even better if you could do it from the lock screen or any other means that’s as quick as possible. Tell your developers, please. Everything else is fantastic!

Functionality of Linktree for PC

Conclusion on Linktree for PC

Users of social networks are supposed to be able to include as many links as they want in their bios. In other words, we can add as many links to the tool as we like, and then we’ll obtain a special link to add to our profile. It also has a data and analytics section where you can see which links users have visited. Making it undoubtedly a great valuable app.

If you have any prior expertise making websites, you would be wise to at the very least consider your alternatives for creating a complete site that also includes a page of connections. This gives you access to all of the opportunities the contemporary web has to offer.

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