How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC:-

Take a Screenshot on Windows 10:- if you don’t know how to take a screenshot on your Windows PC then worry not, as today we will be teaching you how you can Save a screenshot of your screen by 4 different ways and by which you can easily choose the one that is most comfortable to you and then never worry anymore about how to How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10.

Take a Screenshot on Windows
Take a Screenshot on Windows

So, Without further ado lets jump right onto these steps.

4 ways on How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10:-

1.For taking the screenshot of the complete Screen follow these steps:-

  1. Open the screen or screens on your Computer/laptop that you want to take screenshot of.
  2. Press Print Screen button + Windows key.
  3. now launch the file explorer by pressing Windows + e key and go to the pictures library and then on the left hand side click on pictures.
  4. now you will be able to see the saved screenshots already there with numbers.
  5. and Kaboom now you know how to take the screenshot of the entire screen panel. Hipstone

2. To take Screenshot of the current screen by the simplest way:-

  1. Open the app or tab or whatever screen you want the screenshot to be taken of.
  2. now press the Print screen button and along with it press alt.
  3. now open MS paint onto your device.
  4. And command the paste option by right clicking and selecting paste or just simply pressing Ctrl + V.
  5. now it will open the screenshot for you on MS paint and you can save it according to your preference.

3. To take a screenshot with the help of Windows Snipping tool:-

Windows snipping tool allows you to take screenshot of a part of a screen as you can crop the part which you want on your device.

So follow these steps to use the snipping tool of windows:-

  1. Firstly open the snipping tool by going to the start menu, then going to all programs and then accessories, or you can just simply type it in on the search box.
  2. as you open the Snipping tool there will be a down arrow next to new button.
  3. Now you can select either rectangular snip or free form snip. and with these features you can easily select which choice you want to opt for to take a screenshot.
  4. now you can select the area for screenshot by just simply dragging the rectangular screen bar and change its size according to the required screen.
  5. after selection is completed you can click enter and then save it. Entertainment
Screenshot on Windows 10
Screenshot on Windows 10

4. To take a Screenshot Using windows Game Bar:-

Windows game bar is the most underrated application and its quite easy to take screenshot with it as well and its mostly optimal for gaming screenshots.

  1. while in game Press windows + G to open the windows game bar.
  2. now click on the camera button to take a screenshot.
  3. or when you open the game bar you can simply press Windows + Alt + Print screen and the saved location of screenshot will be notified as well. Garageband For Windows 10

So, ladies and gentlemen now you know 4 ways on How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10.


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