Text Plus on PC Windows, Download now for Free

Text Plus on PC Windows :- Growing technologies on smart phones has taken over the world far away. No any human being can stay apart from socializing in terms of real life as well as in social sites. From children to old age people everybody has their smartphones of their own. Smartphones connects people to their family,friends,relatives and even strangers as well. Having a smartphone is not only a great part it does have applications from which people connect to one another in different platforms of social media.

Text Plus on PC Windows
Text Plus on PC Windows

Social media is something which binds people virtually if they are not present with each others physically. It is something which comes up with new ideas,contexts and several views to connect people with their loved ones. Talking about the applications which binds people,the application which we are going to talk about today is TextPlus. Textplus application is an application which lets it’s users to text and calls with no charge. Texts and calls on this application is totally free of cost.

This application is accessible in all your devices such as mobile phones,laptops,tablets and PCs. You can send unlimited SMS messages and incoming calls on this application are totally free of cost which means you don’t have to spend any extra buck for anything including texts and calls.

The Incredible app of the Text Plus on PC Windows, And all about it –

Incredible app of the Text Plus on PC Windows
Incredible app of the Text Plus on PC Windows

TextPlus application is pretty simple to use and it is available in United States and Canada.All you need to have is a good internet connection which allows you to text and call without any hinderance of getting interrupted by any poor internet services. This application is available on playstore in your smartphones from where you can easily download it. First step to get access to this application is you need to register your mobile number.

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And it will have access to your contacts via which you can call and text the people you adore without any charge or cost. There are various attributes of this application. Now let’s get into the attributes which this application provides to it’s users. This application provides it’s users to free texts and calls to anyone.

You can share your pictures,voice messages or videos via this application. This application also provides you the feature of customizing tones of your texts,ringtones and vibration as well. You can also change your theme on this application as per your wish.

Some User Details and Info in regards to the Text Plus on PC Windows –

The Text Plus on PC Windows application has been downloaded by over 10 million people till the date. This application has been rated by over 4 million users in total and the average rating of the application is 3.9 stars which is pretty good. The size of this application is 54 MB which takes up quite small amount of space in your phone. It does not require much space in your phone. This application was last updated on 13th January of 2021.

The User rating and Additional info on the Text Plus on PC Windows –

Mr. Morgan gave the app 5 stars –
Text Plus on PC Windows Sending/receiving texts and jpegs. are always free with TextPlus! Even FREE INCOMING PHONE CALLS! For outgoing calls TextPlus gives you the option to purchase minutes/currency but you can also earn them by playing games and watching ads everyday for absolutely FREE! TEXTPLUS is a Great APP for anyone who needs a free WiFi number to communicate or maybe you just need a temporary number for a couple of weeks in order to get a few things taken care of !

Additional info on the Text Plus on PC Windows
Additional info on the Text Plus on PC Windows

Mr. Barry Gave the app 5 stars-
Text Plus on PC Windows Texting an sending pictures is awesome but talking on it is just fare..maybe cause I’m in canada far away I’m not sure but overall I’m ok with it an am thankful for it..I would recommend it.now after some time..my texts are being sent at my end but most times they are not getting to the other person where I sent them..have to second guess every text if it hot there…after a few months,starting to get used to it..like it an thankful for it…..here were are a few days later an useless it.

Mr. Travis gave the app 5 stars-
For now!! Just redownload after not using for almost 5 years now.. I remember it was the best back in the day, And I had switched to TEXT NOW and the new one I chose has become assure and filled with ridiculous and way too many ads no matter what you were doing (texting, calling, using contacts to find a stored number ) it’s just not fore any more… In the highest hopes that Test Plus has maintained it’s easy and simplistic operation and basic use for this app.

Conclusion on the Text Plus on PC Windows –

Conclusion on the Text Plus on PC Windows
Conclusion on the Text Plus on PC Windows

So finally as we move forward and ahead to the conclusion of the Text Plus on PC Windows we can clearly conclude this by saying that this is a really fine tuned and a well put together app, Not only with the help of this app you will be able to make phone calls, but that too for free of cost, Now you can literally make phone calls in Canada and a few other countries for free of cost.

This will literally save you loads of cell minutes and in the end this application comes with a lot of different other things as well, This app is extremely exuberant and fun to have and it surely is something to have and will surely reckon your time for a great well being, This app is greatly put together and comes with a ton of benefitting features that make it so special as well as unique at the same time and the user experience of the app is also something quite reckoning that we like and admire on its own.

Overall a really handy and a great app, Comes with packed features and something to definitely have on your android device and to enjoy with a load of features along with it.


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