Submarine Games : Top 7 best submarine games of all time:-

Submarine Games:- These types of games are one of the most interesting in their own kind, Submarine games are very entertaining to play and groove into most of them are simulator based these days which are mostly available on most of the platforms be it Submarine games for Mac or be it Submarine games for pc or other consoles submarine games have established their connections throughout the gaming industries.

submarine games

Though mostly some Simulator games are always expensive, here today we will share with you the most alluring and entertaining Submarine games throughout all platforms be it Mac , Windows or Xbox and PS. these games are mostly high ram usage games thus to play them you might need a good setup as well. preferably if you are a PC user a 4 GB graphics card is a must in your device.

throughout the Submarine games we have short listed the best games be it simulator based, or vr or just simple games that you can run on low end devices as well.

Submarine type games mostly found their way into the gaming industries during the early 1990’s when people began talking about games related to army and navy and the submarine related games came out to be the most interesting ones thus began the birth of submarine type games and now they are at a high rise in the market ever since.

Best Submarine Games:-

Be it Windows, Mac or Submarine game for Console there are Submarine games everywhere and are Available on all the platforms on which gamers have their grip on.

Today we are going to talk about the most fascinating the ones which have caught the eyes of all the players, the most entertaining the best submarine games that are Available for the users

Top 7 Best Submarine games are:-

1. World of Warships:-

Submarine Games

World of Warships is a game that is solely based on the Naval-Warfare Theme, this is an Amazing intense game for the submarine players the game takes you back to the WWII era and its great graphics leave the users mesmerized.

The game has a lot of features be it Solo mode or 12v12 Team battle that makes the game come out on top and not just that the game has left its users astonished by the field of interest it captures for all the devices as it is a submarine game for all devices.

Features and pro’s of World of Warships:-

  • Premium feel:- the game for sure gives it users a premium feel and also makes them dive deep in the game as it feels almost real and premium while playing it and it is quite exuberant experience.
  • WWII era at its finest:- the games has its depths reached to world war II thus it makes the users dive deep into it.
  • Available for all platforms:- the great thing is that it is available on all the platforms.
  • Easy to learn:- the game has various tutorials which make it very easy to learn.
  • Vibrant Colors:- the color usage of the app is quite fascinating which give a very real experrience.
  • Great UI:- the user interface is very appealing and makes the game more smooth to interact with users.
  • Great game for team coordination:- the game has its ultimate feature which is 12V12 battles which allow players to have great team skills and coordinations.

Additional Info:-

Game Details.Information
Available PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Windows, iOS
Release date  17 September 2015
ComposerArtur Tokhtash
Game engine usedBigWorld.
Modes Multiplayer


World of warships is an amazing game for all the Submarine and ship lovers as it gives the users a real feel of the game and has a in game depth that lets the users dive deep into it. the game is a mark of excellence on its own and a must have for submarine game lovers.

2. Silent Hunter 3:-

Submarine Games

When it comes to simulation games Silent Hunter series have never failed to impress us as the realness that their games give are quite amazing to be honest. The game is a Submarine game for Windows.

Silent Hunter 3 is a Naval force simulation game from the WWII as well but this game is very different from its fellow competitor as it was basically released way back in 2005 but still has a great spot on our list because it is an excellent creation from Ubisoft. The movie type graphics and simple, and attractive gameplay of this game makes it a perfect choice for a good gamer fanatic.

the game has both multiplayer and single player options in it and also there is a campaign version in the game where you start as a lieutenant and move your way up which gives the gamers a very realistic feel of real life which surely attains the breath of many users.

Features of Silent Hunter III:-

  • Realistic environment:- the environment of this game is very realistic even tho it was released way back in 2005
  • Dynamic range of campaigns:- the campaign version gives a very real life feel to the players.
  • all skill level players can learn:- the game is very easy to learn for beginners as well.
  • Simulation game:- the game is a simulation game thus you can play it with the help of a joystick or any other simulation gadget and have much fun with it .
  • Multiplayer options:- there are multiplayer options for lan available.
  • you can command your crew:- you can give commands to your crew and communicate with them as well.

Additional Information

Game Details.Information.
Available platformsMicrosoft Windows
Release date 15 March 2005
Game engine usedUbisoft game engine
ModesSingle and multiplayer


in Simple words Silent Hunter III is old but gold and an incredible game in its own and a must have as well.

3.Cold Waters:-

Submarine Games

Cold Waters is another game that is a Submarine game for Mac Os as well as windows this game is a very realistic in its graphics and experience as it is a real time naval combat submarine simulator. the game has amazing physics and real time simulation properties which make it very interesting to play with as it also has a tonne load of features in it.

The game is inspired by the 1988 classic red storm rising, which was to command a nuclear submarine in its desperate attempts to prevent destruction.

there are a lot of features of this game as follows:-

Features of Cold Waters:-

  • Real-time navy combats:- the game has real time navy combats which can be competed over live servers on the internet.
  • above 40 classes of ships and submarines all which were deeply researched:- the ships and submarines are very realistic as they are taken from real life.
  • Dynamic types of Campaigns :- these campaigns make the game look like a story mode as well .
  • the sonar model is very realistic as well:- the sonar model is very real in the game.
  • Soviet combat tactics as authentic as real:- the soviet combat tactics too are taken from real life research thus making it excellent.
  • simulation game:- the game is a simulator based game.
  • Strategy game:- strategy games boost up the mind performance of the players.
  • Great use of Physics:- the game’s developers have worked quite hard on the physics of the game .

Additional Information:-

Game details.Information.
Release Date5th june 2017
developersKillerfish games
PlatformsWindows and Mac Os
Processor required to playi5 Min
Storage to install4 GB min.


Cold Waters is a new modern and amazing game of Submarine simulation as it has lots of features and good graphics and amazing use of physics.

4. Subnautica:-

Submarine Games

Subnautica is another well made game that is available on all the platforms as it is a submarine game for Mac and windows together along with console games.

This game is an incredible Open world survival action game which is based on an alien ocean planet which makes the game very entertaining and more adventrous and than all the others we have previously talked about. this game has its amazing features on its own as well.

Out of the rest this game stands out as a one of its kind as the survival mode is very alluring as you never know whats gonna happen in the game.

Features and key points of Subnautica:-

  • Open world to dive into:- the open world lets you dive into a completely different aspect of life and you learn a lot more as you play more and more
  • Find survival items:- you can find the items by scavenging them from broken submarines and ships and survive your way to the end.
  • Unravel the mysteries:- the game is full of hidden mysteries.
  • Adventurous:- the game is very adventurous as you have to keep your best to survive from all the calamities that will be happening in the game.
  • easy to learn:- the game has a dedicated tutorial to tell its users how to be good at it .
  • multiple ways to play it:- there are solo and multiplayer mode as well as different features you can cope up with in the game.

Additional information on Subnautica:-

Game details.Information
Initial release date16 December 2014
ComposerSimon Chylinski
game engineUnity game engine
DesignerCharlie Cleveland
Platforms AvailablePlayStation 4, Xbox One, Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Windows


This game (Subnautica) is quite different from all the other games that we have talked about above as this game is an open survival adventure game which in itself too is very unique and thus making it very entertaining and suspense filled to play.

5. UBOAT:-

Submarine Games

The next game we are talking about is UBOAT this is among the most latest Submarine games that are out there in the market and you can easily download it by purchasing it off steam for just mere 10 dollars. and on the good note this game too is a submarine game for Windows and Mac

UBOAT also is a WWII era based submarine game that too a simulator game for PC, but it is quite different from the ones you might have encountered previously as this game is quite entertaining in its own way, out of all the submarine games it is the latest as it was released just last year.

This game is inspired by fallout shelter and many other aspects and has a tonne load of features of its own

Features and key points to know of UBOAT:-

  • easy to Learn:- the game has a vast tutorial for beginners which makes it very easy to learn for beginners as well as starters to intermediates.
  • Simulator based:- the game is simulator based game for PC which makes it a very entertaining and reality based game.
  • Modern Graphics:- the graphics are the latest as the game was just recently released in the market in 2019.
  • Inexpensive:- the game is available for its original version on steam for just a mere 10 US dollars.
  • Survival:- the game is a survival based game which makes it best for competitiveness as it is solely based for the last Submarine standing.
  • Strategy game:- the game requires a lot of brain exercise as it is a strategy based game.

Additional Information :-

Game details.Information
Release date30th April 2019
ModeSingle player video game
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems
GenresSubmarine simulator, Simulation Video Game


UBOAT is a modern new amazing and inexpensive game that is out there and a must try for submarine lovers.

6. Wolfpack:-

Submarine Games

Wolfpack is one of the first games which started the era of submarine games in 1990’s and with its remake being released on steam it takes us back to the roots of Submarine gaming as Wolpack is game that is filled with entertaining stuff from all the way back to WWII as it enhances a tensed atmosphere right back from that era.

Wolfpack is a CO-OP simulation game which uses german U boats and all the old boats that were there in the WWII and the game has 5 players on each side which are  (five players): The captain, the helmsman, the dive officer, the radio man, and the navigator.

as compared to the ones earlier Wolfpack is a much realistic and entertaining game.

Features of Wolfpack:-

  • Amazing UI:- the game has quite fascinating UI as its a remake to is older version which was an all time hit.
  • Roots of Submarine gaming:- submarine games were started once back in 1990’s by wolfpack and this game surely takes us back to the roots of it.
  • Naval combat:- the game is solely based on naval combat where all the submarine fights began at first.
  • Simulation game:- being an early simulation game the realistic feeling that this game gives is just amazing

Additional information on Wolfpack:-

Game Details.Information.
Release date15th march 2019
Reviewspositive only
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems
genreaction, simulation and naval combat
PublishersBroderbund software.


Wolfpack is an amazing game for Submarine games for Mac and windows , as this game takes us back to the roots of submarine fighting and naval combats and the new version is very advanced and dazzling to players as it has many features and a great simulation stability.

7. Aquanox:-

Submarine Games

Aquanox is an amazing series filled with Aquanox games which are a series of first person shooter games along with submarine simulation in it.

The great thing about AQuanox is that it is available on all the platforms as it is a submarine game for PC as well as console together the series has 3 games the Aquanox 2001 and aquanox 2 which was released in 2003 and the latest one which is Aquanox deep decent which was released just last year.

The Aquanox deep descent is an amazing game as not only it is a submarine simulation game but as well as a first person shooter game which makes it among the best in our list as we people lately play a lot of pubg and Cs Go which makes our fps skills great thus it will be easy to adapt Aquanox too.

Features of Aquanox Deep Descent:-

  • FPS game :- This game is a first person shooting game which makes it quite interesting to play as you can shoot being a real person which takes us deep in to the game.
  • Simulator game:- the game is a simulator based game for high class experience.
  • Wonderful UI:- the user interface is very easy to adapt and understand and is very classy and stylish as well.
  • various languages available:- there are various languages that you can choose when you start the game which make it easy for everyone to understand who don’t know English that well.
  • Dedicated tutorial:– the dedicated tutorial teaches the new players greatly which makes them a good player and also the tutorial is available in all languages.

Additional Information on Aquanox Deep Descent:-

Game Details.Information.
Initial release date2019
DeveloperDigital Arrow
PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems
PublishersTHQ Nordic.


Aquanox is one of the most different and versatile live simulation submarine games ever as it has the special FPS effect to it which grasps the user attention to its finest thus its at the top of our current list and the graphics of this game too are mind blowing, thus a must have for all the users who love submarine games.


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