Facetime for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC, Download now for Free

Facetime for Windows 10:- When it comes to PC and Other OS desktop devices we barely have any good Video calling app, But worry no more as today we will be talking about the fascinating Facetime App, and also learn how to install it for your windows 10 PC for Free of cost. So, that you can enjoy great video calling services and that too without having to spend on other Video conference apps.

Features of the Facetime for Windows 10: –

Facetime for Windows 10
  • It is free to use :- The Facetime for Windows 10 is Free to use for everyone and for PC as well you can install it for completely free of cost.
  • Ditch Skype, Zoom and other Video conferencing apps:- The PC version is very convenient and easy to use and it allows users to ditch the old school apps such as Skype and Zoom and enjoy the better App Facetime and have premium experience over Video calling your friends and family.
  • Make calls in HD :- Previously people could only make calls up to 720p HD resolution, but now with the latest update people can easily make calls in 1080 P Full HD resolution to enjoy the premium Video calling experience.
  • Takes less data :- The facetime app only takes about 3 MB of data per minute and it is very convenient to use it, Because you will not run out of data while using this, Where as if you use Skype or other Apps, you sure might.
  • Stable Servers :- Apple is a great company and when it comes to servers, Their servers are surely remarkable and well stable.
  • Very convenient and simple to use : – The Facetime for Windows 10 is just like the Apple Iphone version and it is the same and simple to use.
  • Make group video calls with up to 32 People at once :- The latest update now offers the users to make video calls with up to 32 People at once, which is a great new update and people can now do group re-unions or even keep Meetings on the Facetime.
  • Encrypted and safe calls :- The calls that are made on Facetime for Windows 10 are totally safe and are encrypted from both sides, Thus safety is highly ensured for the users.
  • Easily make Video as well as Audio calls : – If you feel like making just an audio call, then you can do that as well. This feature is highly popular and people can save loads of money over Cell minutes with this feature.
  • Use Animoji Effects and other amazing effects mid Video call:- The Animoji Feature replaces your face to an Animated Emoji and whatever you talk the Animoji will be on your Face and it will imitate it, this feature works on AI and it sure is one great development.
  • Easily access thru your contact list on your PC :- Now access your phone contacts from your PC with the Facetime for Windows 10.
  • And more.

Let us give you an insight about free facetime app for windows 10 : –

About the Facetime for Windows 10, What is Facetime app and everything about it : –

Facetime for Windows 10

Facetime is a free to use Video calling service that is available by Apple for Iphone, Ipad and Mac devices and it comes along with them. It was Launched on 7th June 2010, and has been upgraded ever since, It is a videotelephony product that is developed by Apple Company and it supports Ios Based Mobile devices as well as Mac computers and it runs easily on the Mac Os 10.6.6 X and latest. And it also runs on any ios device that has a front facing camera.

Well that is the introduction of the traditional facetime, but today in the course we will learn how to install the Facetime Download so that you can enjoy all the benefits of this great app on your hands even if you don’t own an Apple product.

Facetime is very convenient and it works super easily as the method of its working is as following :-

How does The Facetime App Work?

So, basically Facetime works over the Internet and it allows users to make Video as well as Audio calls with the people in their contact list with the help of Apple devices.

One can easily make Calls to multiple people and with the new update people can make calls to up to 32 people at once, New update also supports 1080 P Full HD calls. Thus facetime is the finest that one can opt for.

How to Make a Facetime call :-

  • Firstly open the facetime app and then click on the (+) button.
  • That is how you make a call, Now select the person in your contact list that you want to make a Call with and then click on their name.
  • Now ring them, The call will go to them.
  • You can choose to Go for only audio as well if you want to make an audio call.
  • If not then you can pursue with the Video call.
  • That’s it and that is how you make a Call on Facetime.

Why shall one use the Facetime for Windows 10, And not other PC Video calling Apps ?

Facetime for Windows 10

We all know that there are Traditional apps present in the market such as Skype, Google Duo, Zoom etc, But the thing is that most of these apps are not stable, and Zoom even had Notices about data breach and that Calls were not safe there, And thus one can simply go to Facetime for Windows 10 without a Second thought because we all know that Apple is a premium company .

And when it comes to their dignity Apple is a trustworthy company and the calls on this app are in Full HD, With Great features, Including both Video and audio options, Taking less data and Stable servers, But all in all most importantly Apple provides The premium experience to their users and that is what makes it so special.

And thus We strongly suggest that one must use the Facetime for Windows 10 and not any other app because it is the best that is out there.

How to Download/Install and Run the Facetime for Windows 10:-

Facetime for Windows 10

Follow the following steps to download Facetime on your PC or windows 10 device :-

  • Firstly, Open the Web browser Preferably Google Chrome.
  • Now Search For bluestacks on the search bar or just simply go to Bluestacks.com.
  • From there install the Bluestacks emulator that is compatible with your Operating system.
  • Let Bluestacks install and Then open it, Now you will be able to see an Android phone like user interface.
  • From here Open the Google Playstore from the Home page.
  • Restart your PC before if needed, Then Open the Playstore using your Google Account.
  • Now as you open the Playstore, On the Search bar type in Facetime and press the enter button.
  • Now download the Official Facetime app which will be of the same icon as Apple one.
  • Click to install the facetime and let it download on your PC.
  • Once that is done Run the Facetime for Windows 10, And now log-in with your Apple ID and enjoy all the benefits of your Facetime on your windows 10 PC without any hassle and make calls with your friends all around the world.

Steps to use the Facetime for Windows 10 : –

Facetime for Windows 10

The Windows 10 version of facetime is as Simple as the Apple Version as when you open the app on your Bluestacks the user interface will be the same as the Ios device one :-

  • As you launch the App, Access your Email id, Phone number and all the necessary details.
  • As you enter your phone number and verify it, The App will automatically Sync your contacts from your contact list.
  • Now use the App just like Iphone or Ipad and make calls with the (+) button.
  • Make audio or video calls as per your choice.
  • Enjoy animoji effects.
  • Make calls with the people by clicking on their name and dial in.
  • When they accept the call you guys will be connected.
  • Press the Red button to Disconnect the call.
  • Press the + button to add more people to the call.
  • And that is how you use the great Facetime for Windows 10.

Alternatives and Similar apps like Facetime for Windows 10 : –

There are multiple apps in the market that are alternatives and copied from Facetime, If you want to explore out for other apps. then these are the best alternatives that one can find.

1. Zoom Cloud Meetings App :-

Facetime for Windows 10

The Zoom app is an alternative to facetime and it is American-Chinese based App that allows users to make video calls to anyone, This app is mostly used for professional purposes and is not an ideal app for calling friends and colleagues, The app is great and it allows users to make conferences with up to 100 + people at once, And surely has a great and stable server.

Zoom is a great alternative that you can choose for if you wish to make video calls in Bulk and have Colleague or office meeetings. This app is a great go to alternative in such case.

2. Skype App :-

Facetime for Windows 10

Skype is probably the oldest video calling app that is out there in the market, This app offers great quality Video calling service. And the perk of using this app is that it is available directly for all platforms be it Windows, Mac, Android or even Ios.

People can easily make Video or audio calls and also do Text chats here, And this is the closest competitor for Facetime, A great app is you look for an all round vibrant experience.

3. Google Duo : –

Facetime for Windows 10

Google is a Very trusted and humble company that offers us loads of services for Free, This app has the best servers in all aspect and also offers end to end encryption in their video calls. It is a great alternative if you wish to dial to your friends and family as the Google Duo is also a casual video calling app just like Facetime.

And it is a great option as well if you are looking for Casual video calls with friends and family.

Perks and Advantages of using the Facetime for Windows 10 : –

Facetime for Windows 10

There are loads of advantages and Boons of using the Facetime app on your Windows 10 PC and they are : –

  • Facetime is free to use and that too for lifetime.
  • Facetime takes very less Data and will help you in saving Data.
  • Make audio calls directly from here and save Cell Minutes.
  • Easily Make video calls and reconnect with your family and friends with whom you have lost contact.
  • Make video calls in Full HD 1080 P quality that is barely available anywhere else.
  • Use it anywhere on the Go, use it on Laptop or Desktop any device.
  • Use animoji and have a Great Artificial Intelligence Experience.
  • Block unwanted users from your list with just simple and easy steps.
  • Sync your phone contact list on your PC.
  • Connect Multiple Devices at once.
  • And other great benefits.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions on Facetime ) : –

Q 1. Is Facetime Free to use ?

Ans- Yes, Facetime is completely Free to use and it is launched by Apple for Apple Devices that run on Ios and mac but today you can install it on Android as well as windows devices and that too for Free, And it is completely Free for lifetime.

Q 2. Data usage of Facetime, How much data is consumed while using Facetime ?

Ans – Facetime is very convenient and it barely consumes any data as the Facetime app only takes around 3 MB per minute and it was noted that during a 5 Minute video call in Full HD setting, it only consumed 18 MB and that means if you have a 1 GB per day data plan, you can easily make calls for hours and still have loads of data left.

Q 3. How many people can be added to Facetime calls ?

Ans- With the latest update of Facetime, One can very easily add up to 32 People in one facetime call and this is extremely amazing to make group video calls or even meetings.

Q 4. How to block any contact on Facetime ?

Ans- Blocking anyone is very easy on Facetime and this method is vital and essential to fade out Spam calls and Prank callers, as all you need to do is go to the call section select the call number you want to Block, Scroll to the bottom of the panel and below the add to favorites button there will be an option named as Block this caller, Select on it and press okay and the caller will be blocked to Facetime you.

User and additional Information on Facetime for Windows 10 :-

Seller of the appApple Inc.
Compatibility of the appIos 10.0 and latest
Languages available in
English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian And more.
Age rating of the appRated for 4 +
Copyright of the app© 2016-2019 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
Price of Facetime Free

Verdict on Facetime for Windows 10 ( A Must Download) : –

Facetime is the best Video calling app that is out there when it comes to make fun and loving Video calls with friends and family and also enjoying the Animoji, This app is filled with greatest features, Great connectivity and loads of other things. We have provided a big insight about everything in it, Have a look and Decide how and why this app suits best for you.

AS for our Opinion, If you are looking to install a Great Video calling app on your PC then Facetime for Windows 10 is the one.


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